Always wash your hands before playing. Any oils or dirt will impact the slime formula.

Keep slime away from heat - it will melt.

If slime is sticky, use the activator as needed (a little bit at a time or on your hands).

Have activator at the ready any time you play with slime.

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If you get slime on your clothes, furniture, rugs or hair, it will come out with white vinegar.

If your slime feels tough or rippy, add lotion to soften it (as a clear slime, we recommend glycerin).

Store slime in an air tight container.

Check in on your slime regularly and activate when it’s necessary; the more attention it gets, the more it will thrive.

How to make activator

Our Slime kits come with activator powder.

1. Add activator powder to one cup of warm water

2. Stir until dissolved

3. Take 1⁄2 tsp of the solution mix it into the slime

Repeat until the slime is at your desired texture. Keep the solution in a marked container for future use.